Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The ones that straggle behind, those tree's  that have not yet shed the old. So fascinating to see them nestled in between the naked  tree's. The mighty tall tree's so easily displaying their branches , bare  for all to see, knowing that soon the budding of the new will come. This winter I am seeing a fresh these ones who cling to the old, how sweetly their  leaves rustle in the wind or dance a fluttering dance, long after the beauty of fall. Spring is approaching and I wonder when , when will they finally let go so the new will come. But then am brought to task to just enjoy them as they are and not hurry the process. To gain appreciation not only for what will come but for what is. Beauty is to be found in the present even while anticipating what the next season will bring.


Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Privilege of prayer


The Privilege of prayer



Between porch and altar

Gates open

there my lover meet

place of rest and peace

abundant love encircles

surrender and release

my desire found

sharing depths of pain

given joy instead of shame

presenting all needs

communing, exchanging

travailing, lamenting

blessing and healing

the privilege of prayer

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Loop Poetry prompt... NOW

 Loop Poetry prompt... "NOW"

To Be present 

Or retreat?

The sounds of the day,

to embrace or delete?

"Now" a gift promised,

Tomorrow not guaranteed.

To squander and waste  

or step where he leads?

"Now" to be enjoyed and delighted in, 

each moment to be greeted.

 Holding on to or reaching for Time,

Futile leaving one  defeated.

"Now" is the time to be lived in fullness,

to be still and know.

 Mission completed.

Friday, January 15, 2021

step out take 2


The poem below was written in 2016 and recently I was reminded of it, and led to go back and reread it. Many of us  have sheltered in place or been forced to forge out into the unknown of Covid this year or perhaps have  become overwhelmed by the political climate to the point of loosing all hope in humanity.  And perhaps like myself
you may feel battered and bruised or isolated and unsure. The words step out, step out are stirring in my heart. There has been a physical space to be in self confinement but I wonder how many have also felt the deep pit of isolation and restriction. A spiritual and soul tethering, leaving us holding our breath more often than not. I feel the Holy spirit say to me step out, step out from the familiar and stop looking for normal. It's time to climb up and out from the swampy, murky waters of our world and walk in a new way.  To move in freedom of heart and spirit, to love better and not fear. We each have a call  or to quote some one I heard, we each have an "assignment" to fulfill. A purpose in life and no matter how small or big it is it is time to come out and move in courage. step out of confusion and chaos, step away from distractions and divisiveness. And whether they are baby steps or giant leaps the goal is to
 be brave and bold and continue the journey . 

The hand cuffs are unlocked

The jail cells door is unblocked

Step out people, step out.

The stone has been rolled away

No need to linger or to stay

Step out church, step out.

In your self-confinement, freedom withering
 His light only dimly flickering

Step out believers, step out.

Come out like Lazarus did
Step out and begin to really live

With the very breath of life

No longer captives,
Throw off the enemies tactics,

Step out in loving assurance.

The debts been paid,
No longer burdened to live like slaves.

Step out with your God given Keys,
Step out and set the others free.

Jesus no longer on the cross,
Our liberty He did not count the cost.

Step out so the blood shed is not wasted,
In Freedom help others to taste it.
Our Lights to shine bright,

Bringing the hope of God into the night.
Step out...

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Loop Poetry Prompt ...What would life be like without God?


Loop poetry prompt Life with- out God


Loop Poetry Prompt ...What would life be like without God?

A tiny voice clamoring me, me, me .

Giant sized emotions stepping anywhere it wants

Seeking and devouring all in its wake

The ever-growing hunger taunts

Greed unchecked say’s its mine to take

Simple desires turned into burning lust

Darkness befriended

Increasing hatred and mistrust

All beauty suspended

All hope destroyed

Death and destruction have its day

Love and joy now void

My very being and all around shattered without you Lord

Your breath and light in this world casting hope and warmth.

 Your love for your creation is endless even when not returned.





Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Loop Poetry Prompt #What the Body holds


Loop Poetry Prompt Body


 Always at odds

Mismatched energy

Ebbing lethargy

Fear undergirding

Uncertainty lurking

The clumsy one

The dread of not being capable

Oh to be able

The body betrays

Not always willing to obey

The war within

How to explain

The workings of this broken body and brain

Reunion beginning

Soul to body forgiving

To honor this space

To care and give grace

My worth not in the doing

Learn to rest in the renewing

Fear of man breaking

This my body embracing


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Alone or aloneness


Loop poetry prompt

Alone or aloneness

To be in the quiet, sequestered away in my safe spot, to sit and be still where breath enlarges, oh to be alone with the lover of my soul

Noise and clamor, Fear creeping in, accuser whispers, the utter isolation to be with others and not known, the aloneness.