Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ashes to beauty

Ashes to beauty

Bringing food to the park
Building relationships at the very heart
So simple a plan Yet why had it not been executed before
Feeding nourishment for spirit and body and so much more

A small faithful troop
So much love in this little group
Using all of their resources
To provide for those with less

God in his pleasure
Awakening my heart to this treasure
Raising up more
So simple a plan the feeding of the poor

The discipling of both server and served
And yet diversity preserved
Unity redefining the cultural atmosphere
Erasing division and proud veneers

Loving like Jesus the goal
Bringing before Christ to make whole
Small acts of kindness bringing together sister and brother
Praying and helping to restore others

Simple words of gratitude at the core
New relationships to explore
Circling together breaking our brokenness
Freeing hearts, growing in holiness

Ever widening circle of love
Reigning down in fullness from above
Ashes to beauty now family
Beauty from ashes the plan for humanity.