Thursday, October 27, 2016

Prayer regarding the body of Christ

Prayer regarding the body of Christ

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your heart for your creation, your people and your body.
Thank you that we are created in your image and that you designed the church to reflect your truth, to grow others and point to your love. You desire the body to work in unity just as the Father, son and Holy Spirit.
Lord, you say in your word you desire that we be brought into complete unity to let the world know that you sent Jesus and love them even as you love Him.
Dear Jesus, you are the head of the church, we pray in your name that we as your body would in greater measure come under your headship and move forth in obedience, walking and moving in a way that will bring you Glory. Jesus continue to stir and awaken your church to true religion, not to a dead set of rules but to the truth of our purpose, identity and relationship to you.
May your bride continue to surrender herself to your ministrations so that she will be a bride readied for her groom, Cleansed and purified to walk fully in the righteousness that was paid for by your blood shed.
Lord we ask that you continue to pour out your spirit so we may increase in our faith and give greater testimony to your goodness.
You are our saving Grace, we ask Lord, open our eyes and hearts to our brothers and sister in Christ to be encourager's of one another, lifting each other up in faith and in our prayers. Help us to move out of our places of complacency and comfort to move beyond our myopic view of life, to see with greater kingdom optics, embracing our differences and uniting because of your love for your family.
Forgive us Lord for the places that we as your body have defamed your name, acting in a way that did not display your love. Forgive us where we have judged the world and not displayed your glory, forgive us where we took hold of religion and held others under the heavy yoke and burden of man made rules instead of allowing your spirit to convict and your word to shed light.
Let your churches not be buildings but by your spirit be a moving breathing body that moves in grace in this world, bringing forth your light, life and hope. Let us honor each other embracing those who are feet, hands, eyes and even the less noble parts, all so vital to a body that moves in fluidity and strength and purpose.

Lord, let us then, in unity continue to go forth in power and authority, claiming those who belong to you, releasing the captives, setting the prisoners free, so that every knee will bow and tongue confess you as Lord.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The meeting place

The Meeting Place

Hurt and anger welling up inside,
 Quickly run and hide.
Escaping where you can’t be found,
Place for tears and screams to sound.
Back and forth comfort sought on a swing,
 And yet sadness and worry cling. 

Seeking to hear his voice
Needing to change course
Something new, transforming grace
Running to the son’s embrace
Back and forth on a swing,
But still apprehension and uncertainty cling.

Angels now line the gate,
Taking each care and all the weight.
Freedom to be in the safe place
Laughter and joy now interface
Savior by my side, back and forth on the swing
Peace and fellowship now to cling.

The meeting place,
 There for all to escape.
The sea, starry skies or mountains
Whatever your imagined surroundings
Find rest and peace in the exchange
Find the savior in your meeting place.