Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Worn out

Worn out

Nagging thoughts niggling their way in…
“No worries, God’s got this”
Little pests poking at my peace…
“No Problem Lords in control”
Constant noise knocking…
“Nothing's wrong, I'm giving it to God.”
Tiny worry beads weighing down
“All’s well, my burdens light…”

Plumb worn out trying “to fight the good fight”.

Truth needing deeper places to dwell,
Allowing spirit to invade each cell.

Rejoicing in relationship,
No pressure in ambassadorship.

No “what If’s” allowed,
Or” what about that”, to join the crowd.

Trusting in surrender in theory right
But the work to not struggle found only in hindsight.

Renewing power for the mind,
Available and accessible anytime.

To be still and know,
To be still and to the quiet space go.
To sit with attentive heart and listen.
To sit and receive from the Physician.

The prescription for fatigue,
Letting go of the need to achieve.
God getting glory.

The author of the story,
Knows the beginning and the end.
Holy spirits work is to send
And to give guidance.

Our work to simply be refreshed in abidance.
no need to wear out.

Sunday, July 10, 2016



When innocence was lost
Stolen midstream
Ripped apart,
God heard your scream.
The path out of the nightmare
Like swimming upstream.

The anger, heartache, pain
Loneliness and isolation,
Jesus has experienced the same.
With pierced hands open wide
He asks you to give him your hurt and shame
Safety is near, in him you can hide.

Trust is difficult to give,
Broken so many times.
But either is in fear, a way to live.
Your emptiness and despair
God saw and sent his son,
And took the penalty to show he cares.

Your wholeness his desire,
But his love for you just as you are
Burns in his heart like a consuming fire.
Your worth and beauty he has seen,
The true lover of your soul
Declares unequivocally you are redeemed!

Boot Camp

Boot camp

Captain say’s it’s time to move,
Time to establish a new groove.
Each morning with purpose arise,
Routinely allowing the renewing of the mind.
Trainer demonstrating the way,
 Giving the orders each day.
Small steps taken faithfully,
Going forward obediently.
Self-Discipline exercised,
Daily grind now energized.
Not giving into legalism,
But a new baptism.
Spirit core to be strengthened.
Prayer time to be lengthened.
The marathon is waiting,
But first to kingdom, dedicating.
Seeking a will that can flex
And a comfort zone to stretch.
Incremental submission,
Practicing repetition,
Training at a different pace,
All action done without haste.
Soul and spirit given living water
Waiting on the Captain to give the order.