Monday, June 27, 2016

Entering in

Entering In

Entering In

Jesus interceding,
Entering into our pain,
Ever before the father pleading,
For those who belong to him.
Our suffering he has touched, tasted and seen,
 Tempted and Tried.
Jesus has experienced everywhere we have been,
Rejected by foe, friend, and all
Whipped, spit on and pierced in his side,
In death, bridging the gap, restoring as before the fall.
Entering in so we may take part.
We too now to enter into,
Not passively praying,
But actively engaging for the healing to come through.
Moving out from our own pain and junk,

Not just looking past it,
Nor pushing down into the deep,
But dredging the bottom of the basket,
Offering it up in a sacrifice of praise.
Taking time with the savior
Until we exit with a new gaze.
Eyes that see the need all around,
Interceding by co- laboring.
On mission with God, where healing is found.
Entering in as if the son still resided,
Entering into another’s need 
By way of the spirits guidance,
Through love and sacrificial acts of kindness.
Entering in, no longer judging or standing by
But one who does battle and comes along side.

Entering by blood, spirit, and flesh,
Our ashes being used as nitrogen to nourish.
Our identity with Christ enmeshed.
No longer held captive by sin,
But now in freedom we enter in.
With courage and love,
Poured down from above.
A cross bearing, entering in,
Where the hopeless and hurting become kin.
Not as hero to the drowned,
But as the lost helping each other to become sound,
Nor seeking jewels for a crown,
But entering with power that knows no bounds.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Traded for a bowl full of mush

Traded for a bowl full of mush,
Some stew grabbed in a rush,
How easily the promise disregarded.
Over and over again discarded,
Just to have my fill.
Desiring The Lord but unable to fight stubborn will.
For Esau loss of birthright was his reward
For believers, each day a chance for clean record.
Tomorrow may bring temptation to the soul
But Belief in His sanctification the only goal.
The inheritance cannot be lost
 Bloody Recompense paid the cost.
Strength given in increasing measure
When in pursuit of Godly treasure
 Instead of immediate pleasure.
 The provision is ongoing when we fall,
By the spirit, in Jesus name, the power to call,
The craving, the stronghold or addiction,
In Christ has no jurisdiction.

A bowl of grub or eternal inheritance
The choice has been made, His love covers all in preeminence.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Wait and watch.

Watch me as I move
Breathing life into dead things
Awakening hearts so they may sing.
Providing when provision is dried up,
Refilling again and again an empty cup.

Look with anticipation
Where once was shaky, I lay firm foundation.
Where tangled loose ends meet,
And sin and strongholds are broken at the mercy seat.
Pay attention to my spirit moving as the wind moves across a wheat field,
Watch as darkness to my light must yield.

See and taste
With me nothing lost or laid to waste.
Wait and observe how I move earth and heaven above
 For my people and the church I love.
Salvation brought to furthest corners,
For nothing can stop it, no walls or borders.

Envision the time where unity reigns,
How the prisoners and captives will break their chains,
My all-encompassing love will have no bounds,
Heaven and earth will meet on new grounds.
Wait and watch.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wider School

Wider School

Widening Horizons
Expanding my Child's learning,
No longer about grades they are earning.
Broadening their minds.
Knowledge based acquisition a confine,
But instilling curiosity, how great a find!
Uncovered in both school and child, true Treasures
Value not placed in ordinary measures.
Expansion of creativity and passion,
Experience gained less from books than from action.
Instructions and lessons geared to excite,
Encouraged to see more than black and white,
Deeper looking at relevant topics.
Opportunities to encounter gardening and robotics.
Fearlessness, playfulness, resourcefulness and innovation
All these qualities encouraged without reservation.
When challenged, given full consideration
No child left behind, no stagnation.
Each poured into without hesitation
Uniquely designed, each child considered a celebration.
Wider, fuller, broader, larger, bigger, deeper,
Wider school, Educational Leader.