Monday, June 6, 2016

Wait and watch.

Watch me as I move
Breathing life into dead things
Awakening hearts so they may sing.
Providing when provision is dried up,
Refilling again and again an empty cup.

Look with anticipation
Where once was shaky, I lay firm foundation.
Where tangled loose ends meet,
And sin and strongholds are broken at the mercy seat.
Pay attention to my spirit moving as the wind moves across a wheat field,
Watch as darkness to my light must yield.

See and taste
With me nothing lost or laid to waste.
Wait and observe how I move earth and heaven above
 For my people and the church I love.
Salvation brought to furthest corners,
For nothing can stop it, no walls or borders.

Envision the time where unity reigns,
How the prisoners and captives will break their chains,
My all-encompassing love will have no bounds,
Heaven and earth will meet on new grounds.
Wait and watch.

1 comment:

  1. Waiting! And Watching! From Faith to Faith. I love this.