Thursday, November 8, 2018

do you hear it

Do you hear it, can you hear the sound of the beloved calling to his bride. The preparations, the stripping away of all that is frivolous, our satin and lace, bangles and bobbles, and ribbons and bows to be laid aside. To bathe in his presence and have the oil of his spirit poured upon his church. A bride that desires to know him more fully and intimately, that no longer hides behind the walls of man's designs but in surrender, allowing herself to be ministered to and formed in his image. Let us go forth in nakedness offering the only things we have, our faith, praises and obedience

                               Re-post from 9/29/16
                        A New Garment for His Bride

Cloaked in finery and frills
Twirling in its own delight

Robed in wordy scrolls
Restricted so tight

Draped in gossamer gown
No weight or depth

Clothed in traditional garb
Where half the body is oppressed

Gown ripped and soiled
No longer able to hide behind

The Bridegroom washing,
Bathing all cuts, bruises,
Filth and grime.

A new Garment white and pure
Righteous, holy,
Offered up to his bride.

The choice is ours,
Donning in humble attire
 Our churches to be transformed,
Or clinging to our remnants, be cast aside.