Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Comfortably Numb

Comfortably Numb

Grab the phone,
Quickly scan Facebook, twitter.
Too much time passing, focus skittered.
Back on task, e-mails sent.
Running errands, on to the next event.
 Now to just make one more stop,
Bargain hunting, fun to shop.
Dinner plans, go on Pinterest
Oops! Too many things grab my interest.
Focus kind of fuzzy
Grab a snack, fill the Tummy.
End of day, work is done
Hang in front of TV with loved ones.
Soon Boredom drifting in,
Check” Insta”, and pin another pin.
Maybe try to read my book,
Attention constantly off the hook.
So easy to become comfortably numb,
Distracted by all that looks and seems fun.
An Aching emptiness is all it leaves behind.
Something more needed to feel alive,
Connection of the truest kind,
To receive and give this love, the key to peace of mind.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Big Girl Panties

Big Girl Panties

Time to grow up
Put my big girl panties on.
No more to go running about
Demanding my way and lashing out.
No more hiding behind others
Hoping He’ll choose another.
Time to get my big girl panties on.
One leg at a time
Out of the mire I must climb
Not Like a toddler “I do it myself”
But like a big girl asking for help.
Getting those big girl panties on.
Stop playing a game
Hard stuff ahead, nothing the same.
Be willing to get messy
Go out on a limb and get sweaty.
Serving not my own needs,
Not worrying if I have the strength or will fatigue,
But putting my big girl panties on.
Fear and shame a thing of the past,
Not letting my pride hold me back.
Missing the blessing every time I refuse
Time to be stepping into new shoes.
When things get ugly, stop making childish faces.
Time to be the one who embraces
Putting my big girl panties on.



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fruits and vines

Vines and fruits

The one true vine transplanted
From stock the heavens had granted
Eventually branches forming. 
The gardener returning,
Trimming back the unhealthy offshoots
Attached to the vine and the life giving roots.
Making room for sturdy development,
Encouraging with nourishment,
Gardener watering with eternal springs
 Buds and Fruits sprouting on well nurtured limbs.
 When Storms blow in with mighty damage,
 And Drought comes in to ravage,
And Pestilence and disease wreak havoc,
 Enter in The gardener with tender care
Pruning, supporting on trellises and making repair,
Ensuring a harvest the vine will bear.
The broken off boughs discarded
And those that remain fruit to be harvested.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

When she walks in the room

To Lois a dear sister in Christ.

When she walks in the room there is a glow on her face,
The Joy and hope cannot be displaced.
To know all she has suffered
And yet does not allow herself to the pain be tethered.
Through it all she is seeking and mining treasure
Not wasting time on bitterness or her own pleasure.
She knows the priceless gift of salvation,
 That will not be taken.
And though the path be treacherous
She stands on the truth that she will not be forsaken.
Marching forward in her journey
Endeavoring to keep in step with the spirit earnestly.
When the enemy with fear comes barging in
She runs to her savior
Shouting “Jesus” above the noisy din.
Her well runs deep
And though it sometimes feels shallow
Her countenance of trust bespeaks.
She counsels and teaches in wisdom
Of the hope in God
And of a heavenly kingdom.
There are many other women we know
That we can see the light of Jesus  
As a result of all they had to undergo.
A beauty that is not worked for,
But that has been bestowed
To the brave and courageous
Who have not let the hardship erode.
The Love and the sacrifice of their Savior,
Has allowed them to lead others to where it is spacious
With patience and a love that is tenacious.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Loving Hurts

Loving Hurts:

Early on we give our trust
To imperfect parents who sometimes deserve it and sometimes are a bust.
We learn to play and hug
Our siblings or our family, but that too can drag our hearts in the mud.
Loving hurts
Don’t want to risk the cost.

Lucky enough to find a spouse,
Love and belief given; sometimes worthy, sometimes a louse.
Church Families welcomed and embraced,
Openly Secrets shared but too often our confidence misplaced.
Loving hurts
Don’t want to risk the cost.

Friendships formed from a common place,
Overlapping lives, soon to turn to distaste.
Beloved pets becoming dear
snuggles to soon gone, death has come near.
Loving Hurts
Don't want to risk the cost.

Deeper loving, learning from the Father and the Son
Holy Spirit too, teaching to be one.
Relationships built on a different foundation
One that was and is and will be forever in creation,
Worth the risk though it costs
To give our hearts even if all is lost.

Loving Hurts
Don’t want to risk the cost
But I know the One who risked it all
And now must respond to my own risky call.

Sunday, January 10, 2016



The Israelite's in the desert complaining
Grumbling about the change
In lieu of trusting and remaining.

Desiring meat and Egyptian bread
Looking backwards and unappreciative
God giving heavenly manna instead.

Daily to gather the bounty given
No more no less
God’s divine provision.

To collect and store
Strictly prohibited
Daily to gather the only chore.

Not to be hoarded
Nor for merit awarded
Simply the gift for their daily need.

The breaking and taking of bread;
In Jesus the Savior
 The reminder of his brokenness in our stead.

In thankfulness receive
All that has and will be done
More than our grumbling hearts can conceive.

Love letter's written out 
Holy Spirit constant companion
We can daily trust without doubt

And bring praises and applaud,
The Living word
 And routinely feast upon the manna of God,

 Then the Lord said to Moses, “I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions. On the sixth day they are to prepare what they bring in, and that is to be twice as much as they gather on the other days.” Exodus 16:4-5


Friday, January 8, 2016

A prayer

A prayer written for the New Year and for our church
 Prayer 2016
Oh Abba Father, Lover of our souls.
You are the originator of life, the light of men.
Come and illuminate the dark places in us and around us.
Lord show us how to surrender our will to you. Surrender the places
Of fear, the places of anger, hopelessness and the deep pockets of sin.
Lord help us hand over the areas ruled by self-righteousness, pride and false religion so that you may have your way.
   Heavenly Father Guide our steps, show us the path to walk this day and the next day. Help us to walk in obedience and though we fall back and fail, remind us again and again that you do not fail.  With each breath, guide us in how to receive and understand your gift of life. The very precious gift of a life found in you.
   You are Father God, Son, and Holy Spirit… The perfect unity. Open our eyes to see the one who divides. Give us wisdom to see where and who the true battle is against. Help us to lay down our personal battles and arm ourselves with your all-encompassing love. May we stop living for our own kingdoms and according to our own ideology and allow your spirit to knit us as one. One body moving together in perfect harmony as a symphony fully in submission to our conductor.
   Let us be a people about your work. The work of remaining in you and loving others through your power and strength.
   Teach us this year where we toil and strive in vain. Teach us to simply be a branch attached to the life giving vine… teach us to abide and remain.
   This year give us a hunger for your word and understanding of your truth. Teach us to wake every day to live in anticipation of your goodness and steadfastness. Show us how you are in our very “now’ moments, working and moving. Help us to push past fear and anxiety so that we can walk our gifting’s. Using our unique talents and voices (both big and little) for your glory.
   Heavenly father teach us that each day can be lived in Joy as we learn to turn and repent. Show us how to die to self and come quickly and humbly back to you. Fill us with a true spirit of humility.
   Teach us in greater measure how to not just receive your grace but how to extend grace and mercy abundantly to those around us. Give us hearts that err on the side of forgiveness. Give us eyes to see and hands that reach out in loving kindness to those suffering.   Suffering loss of loved ones, depression, family trials or suffering with health and financial issues.
      Lord we lift up those struggling with sin and addiction, hopelessness, doubts and fears.
      Lord we lift up our brothers and sisters who are wandering around in pain.
      Dear Jesus release the captives so they may tell of your good news.  We pray for those who do not know you, for the lost and down trodden.
Reveal yourself in a powerful way.  Lord come and comfort, heal, provide and come along side.
Empower, surround and cover your people and Bring Glory to your name.

We ask all of this by the name above all names, the One who was and Is and is to come, Jesus the Messiah, the very Word of life, The Hope of mankind the pure and unblemished lamb.   

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hard hearted

Hard hearted
Don’t know when it started…
This callous feeling creeping in
Steeped in self, steeped in sin.
A brick here and a brick there
Resentment and hurt ensnare.

Hard hearted
Don’t know when it started…
News stories flashing death,
 For now, move on take another breath.
 The walking wounded and lonely in view
Pathetic with empathy, no inkling what they go through.

Hard hearted
Don’t know when it started…
Like a spoiled child, 
tantruming and unable
To care for other’s needs, so ungrateful.
Somewhere along the line closed off an artery
Heart needing major surgery.

Hard hearted
Don’t know when it started…
The one who formed it from the dust
He’s got to be the one to trust,
To pry the hardness from its placement,
To fill instead with a softer encasement.

Hard hearted
Don’t know when it started…
 Time now to let the pruning begin
Done the need to wash away  sin.
Unlocking and unleashing
A kinder heart for love releasing.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Newness redone

Newness redone

Little babies wrapped in pink or blue
 Each breath and moment filled with new.
Christmas morning excitement in the air,
Anticipation of presents to share.
The New Year rolling in
Hopes that something different will begin.
Tomorrow another day
The Promise that it will carry your “now” away.

The awakening Christian come to prayer;
Releasing all to the savior no need to despair
Repentant of life in review,
His Mercy’s dawn each day into view.

 Instead clinging to our lost possibilities
Looking backward at our deficiencies
 This ever elusive
Jesus love, feeling always exclusive.
Fresh beginnings hopeful in thought,
But doubts and lies a constant onslaught.

With Jesus, non to compare,
Restoration to be declared,
Every day and everywhere.
Eternal truth upheld
God’s abundant mercies unparalleled.