Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fruits and vines

Vines and fruits

The one true vine transplanted
From stock the heavens had granted
Eventually branches forming. 
The gardener returning,
Trimming back the unhealthy offshoots
Attached to the vine and the life giving roots.
Making room for sturdy development,
Encouraging with nourishment,
Gardener watering with eternal springs
 Buds and Fruits sprouting on well nurtured limbs.
 When Storms blow in with mighty damage,
 And Drought comes in to ravage,
And Pestilence and disease wreak havoc,
 Enter in The gardener with tender care
Pruning, supporting on trellises and making repair,
Ensuring a harvest the vine will bear.
The broken off boughs discarded
And those that remain fruit to be harvested.

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