Saturday, January 16, 2016

When she walks in the room

To Lois a dear sister in Christ.

When she walks in the room there is a glow on her face,
The Joy and hope cannot be displaced.
To know all she has suffered
And yet does not allow herself to the pain be tethered.
Through it all she is seeking and mining treasure
Not wasting time on bitterness or her own pleasure.
She knows the priceless gift of salvation,
 That will not be taken.
And though the path be treacherous
She stands on the truth that she will not be forsaken.
Marching forward in her journey
Endeavoring to keep in step with the spirit earnestly.
When the enemy with fear comes barging in
She runs to her savior
Shouting “Jesus” above the noisy din.
Her well runs deep
And though it sometimes feels shallow
Her countenance of trust bespeaks.
She counsels and teaches in wisdom
Of the hope in God
And of a heavenly kingdom.
There are many other women we know
That we can see the light of Jesus  
As a result of all they had to undergo.
A beauty that is not worked for,
But that has been bestowed
To the brave and courageous
Who have not let the hardship erode.
The Love and the sacrifice of their Savior,
Has allowed them to lead others to where it is spacious
With patience and a love that is tenacious.

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  1. Amen! And Amen! And to God be the Glory. And Heal, dear Jesus, Heal! Lois is a treasure.