Friday, January 1, 2016

Newness redone

Newness redone

Little babies wrapped in pink or blue
 Each breath and moment filled with new.
Christmas morning excitement in the air,
Anticipation of presents to share.
The New Year rolling in
Hopes that something different will begin.
Tomorrow another day
The Promise that it will carry your “now” away.

The awakening Christian come to prayer;
Releasing all to the savior no need to despair
Repentant of life in review,
His Mercy’s dawn each day into view.

 Instead clinging to our lost possibilities
Looking backward at our deficiencies
 This ever elusive
Jesus love, feeling always exclusive.
Fresh beginnings hopeful in thought,
But doubts and lies a constant onslaught.

With Jesus, non to compare,
Restoration to be declared,
Every day and everywhere.
Eternal truth upheld
God’s abundant mercies unparalleled.


  1. Dipping into the Well of Salvation every single day!