Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prayers for revival

Prayers for revival

Holy Father in Heaven
You are God
You are the” I am”
 The beginning and the end
We are just blips in time and yet you care for us.
You have revealed yourself and made us your people.
You have grafted us into your family
 And yet we function as if we were orphans.
Our time and place are not by accident.
You are calling your people to come and see,
You have been inviting us into your ways.
Inviting us to come along side
 And fight with you instead of against you.
Forgive us Lord for wasting your gifts,
 Forgive us for moving in our own understanding
Forgive us for building our own kingdoms
Forgive us for doubting your power to move
For seeing more of what is not instead of looking at what you are doing

You have and are equipping us by your spirit.
You have given all we need.
We have full access to your power in love.
Strengthen us Lord, Give us courage to move in that power.
Give us faith to believe in your power.
Give us discernment in using your power.
May we never move an inch if it is not your will
But may we move swiftly and in obedience
When you say go.
Remove from us the pride that hinders
Decrease our fleshly need for approval
Teach us to receive your love in full so we may bring you glory
Lord give us eyes to see the captives around us
Give us hearts for the broken hearted
Give us the ways and the means to pour out the freedom that you desire.
Let your spirit have its way in us.
Remove all fear that would staunch the flow of your goodness from flowing.
Pour out you spirit on your people that we may rejoice and bring you glory.
Let freedom and unity burst from your people, your body
Let the healing begin in your churches that it would be brought to the nations.

Thursday, April 21, 2016



Pain crashing with waves relentless
Emotions leaving defenseless
Loss of loved ones
Can any one overcome?
Loss of security
Loss of innocence and purity
Loss of all held dear
 The calling to draw near
The struggle not to drown
Waves just keep knocking down
But a promise whispered in the deep
He who treasures you, will keep
You will not be overthrown
Your suffering is known
The waves will not disappear
But in confidence cry out to him who hears
For he walks us through the water
As father with his daughter
In his power we can rise above
And in time relearn to trust and love.
Loss not the end of the story
because of Jesus we can march 1 step  forward
Sharing in His Glory

Isaiah 43:2
When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Our Lack/His Full

Our Lack/His Full

Lacking confidence and concentration,
Striving, ending in frustration.
Hoping somehow for a fascinating narration,
That a different story will bring the ovation.
External and internal voices adding to the deception.

The “not enough voice” a steady companion.
No matter the work and the planning,
Left with emptiness, feeling abandoned.
Our lack though; leaving room for more than we can imagine.

His “full" has, can, and will stop stagnation.
His “enough” is able to fight all temptation.
His “more than” is an endless supply for all duration.
His overcoming power when received, leaving all in grateful prostration.

Father, son and Holy Spirit together in compassion
Never leaving, constant champion.
His love instilling in us His passion,
Moving us to be still or to action.

His sufficient grace poured out after resurrection,
Ample to overcome all rejection.
Needing to believe that our lack will go beyond all expectation,
That He is complete and we will be found whole
 in Gods' heavenly thrown by His  extravagant transaction.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


You were spoken into existence.
You were planned for,
 Not just happenstance.
Your time on earth founded
By the one who is and was and will be.
Your hairs have been counted,
Even your eye color, skin and country of origin,
Planned before the world began.
The promise also given for reconciliation.
You are beloved creation
Though’ here and now the pain unsurmountable
And The push and pull of temptation
Feels like an albatross weighing down.
His glory made full when in him you are found.
You are wanted and known.
Intrinsic to the fabric of the weaver.
Placed in such a time and place, not to be alone.
You were made by Him and for him
The desire of the father and son’s heart
That no longer shall creation and creator be apart.
You are loved.