Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Our Lack/His Full

Our Lack/His Full

Lacking confidence and concentration,
Striving, ending in frustration.
Hoping somehow for a fascinating narration,
That a different story will bring the ovation.
External and internal voices adding to the deception.

The “not enough voice” a steady companion.
No matter the work and the planning,
Left with emptiness, feeling abandoned.
Our lack though; leaving room for more than we can imagine.

His “full" has, can, and will stop stagnation.
His “enough” is able to fight all temptation.
His “more than” is an endless supply for all duration.
His overcoming power when received, leaving all in grateful prostration.

Father, son and Holy Spirit together in compassion
Never leaving, constant champion.
His love instilling in us His passion,
Moving us to be still or to action.

His sufficient grace poured out after resurrection,
Ample to overcome all rejection.
Needing to believe that our lack will go beyond all expectation,
That He is complete and we will be found whole
 in Gods' heavenly thrown by His  extravagant transaction.

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