Wednesday, April 6, 2016


You were spoken into existence.
You were planned for,
 Not just happenstance.
Your time on earth founded
By the one who is and was and will be.
Your hairs have been counted,
Even your eye color, skin and country of origin,
Planned before the world began.
The promise also given for reconciliation.
You are beloved creation
Though’ here and now the pain unsurmountable
And The push and pull of temptation
Feels like an albatross weighing down.
His glory made full when in him you are found.
You are wanted and known.
Intrinsic to the fabric of the weaver.
Placed in such a time and place, not to be alone.
You were made by Him and for him
The desire of the father and son’s heart
That no longer shall creation and creator be apart.
You are loved.

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