Thursday, March 31, 2016



There within desirous reach, is coveted prize,
Temptation says it is yours to try.
But Holy one whispers, stop and turn.
Turn in an about face
Turn and lean into grace.

Hard words trickle from heart to lips,
Pouring forth in self acclaimed righteousness.
Softly listen to voice with in
Stop and turn, repent of sin.

Envy and pride take up space,
Shredding hearts in distaste.
Spirit alive and counseling
Turn now and stop from pouncing.

Control and anxiety have its day,
Lack of surrender keeping you this way
  Look to truth, Press in and see
Turning back can set you free.

Turn, change course, repent
 Reverse, change direction, relent.
Turn towards He who is heaven sent.

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