Friday, March 25, 2016

Step Out

The hand cuffs are unlocked
The jail cells door is unblocked
Step out people, step out.
The stone has been rolled away
No need to linger or to stay
Step out church, step out.
In your self-confinement, freedom withering
 His light only dimly flickering
Step out believers, step out.
Come out like Lazarus did
Step out and begin to really live

With the very breath of life

No longer captives,
Throw off the enemies tactics,
Step out in loving assurance.
The debts been paid,
No longer burdened to live like slaves.
Step out with your God given Keys,
Step out and set the others free.
Jesus no longer on the cross,
Our liberty He did not count the cost.
Step out so the blood shed is not wasted,
In Freedom help others to taste it.
Our Lights to shine bright,
Bringing the hope of God into the night.
Step out...

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