Tuesday, March 15, 2016



To cover, make reconciliation,   
  Atonement in Hebrew “Kaphar “. 
Original sin from the first temptation,
God providing from bloodshed a cover
To Adam and Eve, a dispensation.
Releasing from shame although deserving damnation.
Despite Ham’s intent to shame.
 Shem and Japheth in covering remove all degradation.
 Ruth open and vulnerable to Boaz came
 He, her covering in noble proclamation.
The Father to prodigal son
Extending a garment of exoneration,
No judgement just a blessing of love.

Christ covering in salvation
Christian’s gladly donning white robes without consideration
Of the forgiveness given with no reservation.
We too to give in demonstration
The love and covering to our generation
No need to point out faults or in defamation
But in underserved righteous cloak
Point to truth in anticipation
Of the work of Christ in regeneration.

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