Thursday, December 31, 2015

Waves of Mercy

Waves of Mercy

"Waves of mercy, waves of grace
Everywhere I look, I see your face
Your love has captured me
Oh my God This love

Our lives like Sandy beaches looking peaceful
But in creeps our enemy writing lies in the sand
Pecking away like bread in the beak of a seagull

Separating people with untruths and bitterness
Further and further they drift apart
Getting lost in dunes of un-forgiveness

Like collectors of shells desiring to attain
People gathering mementos of suffering
Holding on to, to look at again and again

Towards rocky jetties blindly running
The hater of your soul egging you on
Your relationships not the source of cunning

Open eyes to see the deceit
Not flesh and blood the true cause of trials
Time to let go of those balance sheets

Stop letting storms knock you over
Grab hold of your fellow beach comber
In truth and love full disclosure

The Rolling waves soon to wipe all trace away
Low tide only for a short while
Grace washing over, making new each day.

Cast your cares upon the sea
Release your hurt to Jesus’s  hands.
Let the waves of mercy wash over thee.

1 comment:

  1. Woah! You are a song writer! This is truth in a poem! The enemy pushes us to the jetties!