Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Precious, tiny, vulnerable infant,
Sweet Little girl or boy still so innocent,
Purity still in place.

But too soon this will not be the case.
Commence the slither of sin,
Twisting and turning its way in.

Some to be property traded for gain
Filling the bellies of those who at home remain.
Some their only crimes
Believing their pimping boyfriends’ lies.
Others just desiring food and to get out of the cold
Allowing their bodies to be used and sold.

Broken promises, heart ache and strife,
Pushed and enslaved into the harshest life.
Beaten, tortured and broken
Abused, all innocence stolen.

Fear a daily event
No place to be safe, none to their defense.
Home a memory of the past.
Whore, loser, worthless, new names cast.
All hope shattered like glass.

Shards of pain needing to be numbed
Even the most violent attention sought like a treasured crumb.
Men and women given over to desire and lust,
Oh mighty dollar and pleasure the thrust.

All thoughts of escape withered,
Thoughts of death and suicide highly considered.

Oh church let us awaken!
Let the whole earth be shaken!
Let us arise in protest and proclaim:
Give the forsaken a new name,
You are Beautiful, Beloved and Valuable!
To Jesus the messiah your worth incalculable.

Let us in hope call them out!
Let our prayers to heaven lament and shout
For them and us to see past the wounds and the hurt.
Let us be naked and real,
Letting the ice in our veins be warmed, so we may feel
The truth of the power of a savior whose love covers all,
From whose death, healing everyone may draw.

Let us pray for scars to be used for the building of faith,
For the outreaching arm of grace
To grab hold of our world so displaced.
Let us pray for the testimonies along with Christ’s blood
To bring proof to the world that God is still good.

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