Sunday, December 6, 2015


Gifts, to some opening divine.
To others an awkward moment,
A murky area hard to define.
“Better to give than to receive”
The saying goes.
But in actuality these words can deceive.
Giving the simple task.
Shopping, buying wrapping
Presenting pretty things and then to gather warm thanks.
But to accept, how hard to do.
To be vulnerable and in need,
To allow others to provide for you,
To your own lack willingly concede.
This is where the metal hits the road.
 To be open handed to receive,
 Allowing others to bestow.
Rethinking what you believe,
 It’s ok to get the” long end of the rope”.
Permission to be overcome,
And allow the feelings of joy to rush in.
Surrendering control and succumb,
Blessings from friends are not a sin.
This receiving is as the creator decided
The gift of eternal life not by our doing
But our unwrapping to be guided
By a humble spirit and not pride
With hearts, minds and hands open wide.


  1. I love reading this! Especially from the one who gives so much! Thank you for your example. And we do love to love on You!

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