Saturday, December 19, 2015


Epic failure.
Colossal loser.
Words and lies whisper in:
“Should’ve known better”.
Hope and truth wearing thin,
Seeping in how much a debtor.
Guilt and shame holding tight,
Bondage to our doubts worn like a fetter.
Secrets hold us captive in our plight.
Strength and will power defeated
The answers seem just outside our reach
All our resources used up and depleted
And yet a glimmer of light oft beseeches
Hang on there is a way!
Though Darkness is pushing hard
A breath encouraging just one small step this day.
Open your eyes and heart
“From you my beloved I will not depart”
“I see you and know all you face”
“My child I am here to embrace”
Look and see there is provision
More than your flesh can envision
A prayer to offer words of life
Grace enough to cover all the strife.
The loneliness and isolation
The enemies lies that this your only consolation.
Not just heaven bound thoughts,
But balm for now that has been bought.
Letting light penetrate if we dare
Together holding tight, we shed a tear.
Arm in Arm walking out were we have failed
Triumphant that He will and has prevailed.

1 comment:

  1. You are writing in the sweet spot. The ministry to my soul, deep. Dale! This year and writing has been exceptional for you. We have to find some contests, only because these have to be more widely read!