Friday, June 10, 2016

Traded for a bowl full of mush

Traded for a bowl full of mush,
Some stew grabbed in a rush,
How easily the promise disregarded.
Over and over again discarded,
Just to have my fill.
Desiring The Lord but unable to fight stubborn will.
For Esau loss of birthright was his reward
For believers, each day a chance for clean record.
Tomorrow may bring temptation to the soul
But Belief in His sanctification the only goal.
The inheritance cannot be lost
 Bloody Recompense paid the cost.
Strength given in increasing measure
When in pursuit of Godly treasure
 Instead of immediate pleasure.
 The provision is ongoing when we fall,
By the spirit, in Jesus name, the power to call,
The craving, the stronghold or addiction,
In Christ has no jurisdiction.

A bowl of grub or eternal inheritance
The choice has been made, His love covers all in preeminence.

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