Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Worn out

Worn out

Nagging thoughts niggling their way in…
“No worries, God’s got this”
Little pests poking at my peace…
“No Problem Lords in control”
Constant noise knocking…
“Nothing's wrong, I'm giving it to God.”
Tiny worry beads weighing down
“All’s well, my burdens light…”

Plumb worn out trying “to fight the good fight”.

Truth needing deeper places to dwell,
Allowing spirit to invade each cell.

Rejoicing in relationship,
No pressure in ambassadorship.

No “what If’s” allowed,
Or” what about that”, to join the crowd.

Trusting in surrender in theory right
But the work to not struggle found only in hindsight.

Renewing power for the mind,
Available and accessible anytime.

To be still and know,
To be still and to the quiet space go.
To sit with attentive heart and listen.
To sit and receive from the Physician.

The prescription for fatigue,
Letting go of the need to achieve.
God getting glory.

The author of the story,
Knows the beginning and the end.
Holy spirits work is to send
And to give guidance.

Our work to simply be refreshed in abidance.
no need to wear out.

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