Sunday, July 10, 2016



When innocence was lost
Stolen midstream
Ripped apart,
God heard your scream.
The path out of the nightmare
Like swimming upstream.

The anger, heartache, pain
Loneliness and isolation,
Jesus has experienced the same.
With pierced hands open wide
He asks you to give him your hurt and shame
Safety is near, in him you can hide.

Trust is difficult to give,
Broken so many times.
But either is in fear, a way to live.
Your emptiness and despair
God saw and sent his son,
And took the penalty to show he cares.

Your wholeness his desire,
But his love for you just as you are
Burns in his heart like a consuming fire.
Your worth and beauty he has seen,
The true lover of your soul
Declares unequivocally you are redeemed!

1 comment:

  1. Tears! His heart you speak, you write. I am so grateful for your words!