Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boot Camp

Boot camp

Captain say’s it’s time to move,
Time to establish a new groove.
Each morning with purpose arise,
Routinely allowing the renewing of the mind.
Trainer demonstrating the way,
 Giving the orders each day.
Small steps taken faithfully,
Going forward obediently.
Self-Discipline exercised,
Daily grind now energized.
Not giving into legalism,
But a new baptism.
Spirit core to be strengthened.
Prayer time to be lengthened.
The marathon is waiting,
But first to kingdom, dedicating.
Seeking a will that can flex
And a comfort zone to stretch.
Incremental submission,
Practicing repetition,
Training at a different pace,
All action done without haste.
Soul and spirit given living water
Waiting on the Captain to give the order.

1 comment:

  1. This is an excellent motivational piece. It fills my spirit with hope and not with the legalistic sense. It is what has occupied my heart these past couple of weeks! The sense of intentionality with spirit filled flexibility! I love this writing! But I love you more.