Monday, October 17, 2016

The meeting place

The Meeting Place

Hurt and anger welling up inside,
 Quickly run and hide.
Escaping where you can’t be found,
Place for tears and screams to sound.
Back and forth comfort sought on a swing,
 And yet sadness and worry cling. 

Seeking to hear his voice
Needing to change course
Something new, transforming grace
Running to the son’s embrace
Back and forth on a swing,
But still apprehension and uncertainty cling.

Angels now line the gate,
Taking each care and all the weight.
Freedom to be in the safe place
Laughter and joy now interface
Savior by my side, back and forth on the swing
Peace and fellowship now to cling.

The meeting place,
 There for all to escape.
The sea, starry skies or mountains
Whatever your imagined surroundings
Find rest and peace in the exchange
Find the savior in your meeting place.

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