Sunday, March 19, 2017

The one

The one

(Jesus x one = Infinite possibilities ) All Generations

You are the one,
It is you that I seek,
Come away,
You alone are who I want to meet.

The crowds, the masses,
You alone are my desire,
Their turn will come,
But for now come sit by my fire.

Though for the world I died
It is for your heart that I fight.
And though for all the sacrifice,
 I ask you to warm yourself in my light

Multiplied by one,
My power, love and splendor
Can move mountains and break chains.
So Come away and surrender

Place yourself in my equation
You are the one I will chase
I am multiplication
The 99 can wait

The many, much loved,
But one times infinity
Is all that I need
My love given individually

When each adding to the whole
The sum exploding exponentially
Transformation and reconciliation
All together yet separately.

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  1. I so love this. And really love how the Holy Spirit talks the same beautifully things to us!