Sunday, April 30, 2017

Honored Guest

Honored Guest
Powder sugar coated fingers, jelly stains,
Muck and mire clinging tightly
Lie says, outside is where you need to remain

The door though is opened wide
He in majesty beckons in name
Hand in hand walking beside

As servant bent low bathing in gentle affirmation
Not just feet but face and fingers too
Calling forth to the celebration.

Sweeping into beloved daddy’s arms
Brought forth as honored guest
Safely ensconced, worldly life can cause no harm

 Once again stumbling forth  into muddy hole
No strength of will to resist
Surely now the door will close

Yet still the beacon sounds
Enter here, water for washing ever supplied
Untarnished garment awaits with crown

 Come and dance, the call the same
Seventy times seven and forever more
The wiping away of shame

“Loved one”, continual access to Abba father
The invitation indelibly stamped in the son’s blood
Always and eternally beloved daughter

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