Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Fathers heart

The Fathers heart

Daddy’s and diaper changes,
Tickles and tosses in the air,
Nightly kisses from familiar faces,
Learning to risk and to dare,
Warm and hearty embraces,
Earthly glimpses of Heavenly care.

But so often, fathers equated to pain,
Safety and comfort out of reach.
The hurt and the lack, leaving many chained.
The Father’s love so hard to teach,
The sorrow, making hearts stained,
Unforgiveness creating wall’s not easily breached.

How to tell of a heavenly father
One who gave it all?
A daddy who will always honor.
The one who knew of the fall,
Ready with plan to redeem his sons and daughters,
The son in mercy, answering the call.

We his children so often reject.
 Abba  daddy always patiently waiting,
Looking for our return and to connect.
Hoping his love to be reciprocated,
 But the fathers love can bear our neglect,
Even in our selfishness he is captivated.

To know of his Son is to know his heart.
Salvation and reconciliation worth the cost.
A heavenly adoption that will never depart,
A celestial inheritance that cannot be lost,
Identity given that the enemy cannot thwart
In Accepting son-ship, spirit and soul thoroughly washed.

The giver of holy presents
The counselor left for good measure
Papa never leaving, always omnipresent
Looking for the one lost sheep, his treasure
In the trinity full embodiment
The fathers heart, for all to be together

God knows all of his children by name.
Being born of the spirit again,
No longer to walk in shame.
With him in heavenly places we reign,
Freedom in Christ we proclaim.
Father God’s touch never leaving the same.

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  1. May all we are surrounded by and with understand at a deep level the Father's Heart of God because of our understanding. This is beautiful Dale!