Monday, July 31, 2017

Full Flight

The majestic eagle plumed in finery
Each feather needed so vitally
Some to steer and glide
All required to take flight
Full breadth of wingspan to fully soar
Both wings bringing to heavens door


Practices from another time
Disciplines with eternal design
Holy, Holy, Holy is He.
This our sight when we sit silently,
Meditating on beloved scripture,
Fasting from worldly pleasure,
Seeking the savior in the quiet rest,
Giving and submitting in service
Prayer, worship and Heavenly reflection
All for our own sanctification

Charismata, spiritual graces,
Gifts of a supernatural nature.
Love overflowing, outpouring to all
When the Holy Spirit allowed to fall.
Words of wisdom and knowledge unlocking hearts,
Prophecy, miracles, healing's to impart
 For the benefit of our sisters and brothers
Experiencing the fathers love like no other

1 comment:

  1. This is profound and spiritually accurate! Everyone here experienced watching an eagle from the boat, up close and wonderful! I did not have that fortune. I was home on the dock