Friday, May 6, 2016

set awhile

Let’s set awhile together
Set on swings and feel the breeze
Back and forth in freeing rhythm
Just breathe and let our hearts beat in sync
Watch as my word is spoken
How the clouds form in mystical design
Come and set awhile and rest in me
My comfort here in arms wide
The work will still be there
 Come, set and rejuvenate
The busyness, the kingdom work, all in its time
Time now to set awhile
A father’s touch on the cheek
Words of rest and peace
When time to move be confident I will speak
Linger a little while longer yet
 Gather another tender hug
Set awhile lest you forget
Sole purpose of the cross
So we may in heaven above
Set forever in peace and love

1 comment:

  1. You know I love this focus! Rest, dine, and be....just with the Savior. If it feels like work that is sapping your energies than maybe something is off. Though if it feels like work and your head hits the pillow from physical exhaustion - that is a different story...... I love, love watching our Dad tell you all these things and then I love it that you tell me, us! Obediently resting.