Friday, May 13, 2016

Thought life

Thought life

Brain working overtime,
Emotions ramping up,
Pulling through the grime.
Filled with self
But left with empty cup.

Thought life detrimental to one’s health.
The offer to partake of water deep
But the enemy comes with stealth,
His goal from God our soul to keep.

Thanksgiving key to opening the gate
Praising God to enter courts
Not our understanding but he who makes paths straight.
Thought life needing to veer back on course.
Bathing in holy presence, washing away sin
Simple repentance, no coercion or force
Gentle Conviction from spirit with in.

Renewing mind with eternal truth
Thought life aligned with Gods heart
Each day deciding to choose
Allowing God to create a work of art
Able to reach to others and soothe
Thought life no longer in control or on the loose

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  1. ....ahhhh...."simple repentance, no coercion or force".....