Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ain't no small thing

Ain't no small thing

Small things count, small things are stepping stones of obedience, and even a small pebble makes ripples in a pond.( IF Gathering inspired)

The nod of the head as you drove by,
The shy hello in passing,
Even the smile flashed on the fly…
Ain't no small thing

The hug and warm embrace,
That kind word of encouragement,
The way you remembered my name…
Ain't no small thing

Your listening ear,
Spoken prayer,
And an invitation to share…
Ain't no small thing.

When asked to come for tea,
Delivered a much needed meal,
Or said yeah come over I’m free…
Ain't no small thing

When you welcomed me into your mess,
Let me into your pain,
Or offered your forgiveness…
Ain't no small thing

Walks and talks together,
Coffee breaks and texting messages,
Offered friendship in full measure…
Ain't no small thing

When you loved my unlovable,
Brought balm for my wounds
And held me when unconsolable…
Ain't no small thing

When you placed your heart on display
And waited patiently for me
Day after day committing to pray…
Ain't no small thing

When you coached and instructed,
Or admitted you just didn’t know,
When I let you down and still you trusted…
Ain't no small thing

When He chatted with the woman at the well
Turned water into wine
Or Broke bread with the twelve…
Aint no small thing.

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