Saturday, January 28, 2017

Taking Sides

Taking Sides

Taking Sides

Tension pulling, who’s Right and who’s wrong
 Each view praising their own song,
 Black, white, native, refugee’s,
LGBT, Men, women, babies.
 Each one so precious
Gift of life each breath.
Not we, who are to place value
We are too flawed and skewed.

 By His love we gain significance,
All to display, His exquisiteness.
Arrogance to crush one for the other.
Kingdom truth pushed aside, smothered,
Both “sides” lost in lies.
So hardened unable to sympathize.

Break open your hearts,
Back to basics we start.
Only one side speaks with honesty,
One common genealogy.
From Jesus receive gift of salvation,
Our s to speak good news of his love for creation.

Living closely, clinging to the vine,
He to direct the boundary line.
Our souls being tugged and led astray
Instead of eternal vision distracted by the news of the day
Enemy lines drawn in the sand
On God’s promises where we are to stand
The Cross, The tearing of the veil
Communion with God will prevail
But here and now we get to choose
Into our communities let his love be infused
or take our sides and refuse.

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  1. you put in prose what I was saying at prayer the other Thursday. Yes! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!!!!! Unity in Jesus Christ. Love your writing!!!!!