Wednesday, January 11, 2017

little one

Little one

Little one stuck in the cross fire,
Adults broken and lost
Dragging the innocent into the quagmire
Anger, violence, abuse now on child, their albatross

Splintering, splitting, and burying the pain.
To the world pretending all is well,
But day by day the enemy adding chain
Child becoming hollowed out, empty shell.

Relationships so un-trust worthy.
Confusion and chaos swirling round,
So tired, starving and thirsty,
Numbing the only place solace is found.

Religious shackles thrown on for good measure;
Should’s and shouldn’ts, rules and regulations.
The truth and love of Jesus, buried treasure.
 Hurt upon hurt, Pile on more violations.

But God in his great Mercy
Revealing his gift of salvation
He sees you little one as worthy
Now begins the transformation.

Stripping way of lies and iniquity
Removing the heritage of pain
Restoring original dignity
Heavenly sacrifice clearing all stains.

Not your fault, not your load!
Rest now sweet one in His loving arm,
Releasing of anguish won’t implode,
He the great physician will cause no harm.

Survival, each part learned its role;
Pain bearers, organizer, parent, and child.
Dissociating so as to save the whole.
 Fear not new territory, now to reconcile.

Healing his heart’s desire
You journey not alone
He dresses you in righteous attire
His spirit with you and in you, his home.

Safe to trust the trust worthy one
Safe to give all memories too
Safe is God’s only son
Safe to bring to light and rest in truth.

Dedicated to my mom and Ruth

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  1. speaking to my heart. what a gift you have with words. thank you for this