Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Choice

First Choice

Waiting, crowded together, self-conscious tweens,
Which would it be, third draft or picked and coolness redeemed.
Never last choice but somewhere lost in the throng
Regular Joe, kinda ok, not the troubled one, but not the lead in the play.
Words infiltrating, invading, seeping and swirling
True identity getting lost in the churning.

Mediocre      Average             Moderate
  Second rater       middling        Soso
         Unimpressive       Lackluster
            fair                 Run of the mill

Smashing down the not enoughness under feet
Spirit inviting to gaze at place card near heavenly seat
Chosen to be His before the foundations set
Not a liability but a kingdom asset
My thinker rejoiced over, my fast pleasing
With joy and pride Papa is beaming
Picked first to dance with the king

He exalts me as I worship him.
 I am The Joy set before
Exclusively loved and adored
Exquisitely formed in the image of
Nothing average about his love.
No thing lacking in luster
No working for or need to muster
Created by the master
First rate crafter

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  1. Wow! I resonate with this - the second rate...and I have loved the way in which Jesus has made me feel so special (that is such a lame way of putting it but it is true!