Sunday, July 5, 2015


The time has arrived for one of many transitions in our family. My dear nephew Michael flies the coop this week. He and his gal are moving across the country to Arizona for a new chapter in their lives. For us back on the east coast though it closes a chapter which makes this Auntie very sad.  We just spent our last weekend up at our cabin with this adorable couple. Though visits will ensue these will inevitably become quick calls trying to squeeze much in in limited schedules. The days of lingering and impromptu visits, meals and laughter feel fleeting. At the moment my heart wants to freeze time as I think about the little boy that I baby sat many a summer day and as I think over the years how this eagle scout has grown in integrity and wisdom. Michael has been one who at even the mention of needing help would jump up without hesitation or grumbling. We have enjoyed engaging in intelligent debates over controversial issues and sometimes silly and mundane issues watching as Michael stays level headed despite the hotheaded relatives. He has brought to our family a semblance of balance and can be counted on to be a peace maker. He is a young man who has a bit of swagger and a smile that is contagious. He is the other pea in the pod with Ryan and a second big brother to the younger cousins. Michael and Ariel will be sorely missed by their Pennsylvania family and Arizona is a lucky place to get them. 

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