Saturday, July 25, 2015

What do you choose this day?

What do you choose this day?
Choices made every second, get up now or lay in bed a little longer.
To Shave or not shave, look at social media or linger on God’s word.
Walk in hope or choose to mope. Follow man or let God lead.
Choosing choices, picking, deciding, selecting, and weighing in.
Where do we fall on issues, where can we safely situate ourselves?
We say it is on Jesus and that all other is sinking sand, but really where do we stand?
Our little decisions to step one foot this way and then one more to the right and soon we have made choices that cause us to stumble
. Or is it better to not make a choice at all, putting blinders on, staying in one place seeking assurance that we won’t fall.  Truth is a place so intimidating to some but with the love of God it is the only place to run. Choices fraught with eternal consequences and yet it is here in flesh that we must decide unwavering what we will choose.