Friday, October 30, 2015


I will go my own way
I will choose who I let sway
I sort of know which way is best.
But heck I want to be with the rest.
I like the feel of 1 for all and all for 1,
It always seems like so much fun.
Yeah this could happen or maybe that
But really who gives a scrap.
Except of course when my stubborn decision
Heads me to a place of prison.
Freedom of choice
Turns into a loss of voice.
Darkness encroaches,
Guilt, shame approaches
My headstrong direction at a dead end,
Now where are all those who call me friend.
A calling, a whisper, a touch,
There is only one who still loves that much.
As pride strips  away
My messiah extends mercy this very day.
He who is unbending,
 Always his love sending.
Who now will I let sway,
Will I now learn to be clay,
Let the Potter have his way?
Instead of resistant to knowledge
Perhaps now to be tenacious and acknowledge,
I don’t know the way.
Let His word have last say.

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