Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tradition edited

Steeped in what has gone on before
Anticipation of the already known
Consistent patterns with added experiences
Stacking memories
Building relationships
Sharing time and space with those you love.

Our annual gathering for our mom's birthday has been a tradition for the past ____  years (I say 14 years, sis say's 8 years),either way it is has become a custom  to bring Jersey and Pa  sister's together to hang for the day with our mom. We have visited many quaint towns including Princeton and Peddlers Village. We have painted pottery and antique shopped as well as perused used book shelves. We have purchased treasures such as "The little Red Hen" book and cook ware. Tradition has been that we usually gather in the Month of October so autumn sights are par for the course such as scarecrow contests, apple cider and pumpkins. We have visited farmers markets and grounds with art sculpture. The day is also usually filled with some sort of dining experience from Italian, Pub style, a charming local eatery or simply good old chain restaurant food. Our conversations range over so many topics, too many to recount but usually funny stories or recollections of life growing up in the Elias home are in the lineup. Laughter, deep philosophical discussions and everyday life shared. Talks that don’t always happen over the phone and over the distance but can be counted to happen during this annual gathering.

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  1. Oh, to be a fly on the wall....that sounds lovely and rich. How wonderful to be able to continue to create memories.