Sunday, August 2, 2015

EL Roi, The God who sees.

Little girl all dressed in satin and bows,
 Twirling, begging for them to see.
Smiling bright, "Look at me, look at me".

Young woman dressed to go out on the town,
Attracting attention, eyes demanding,
Desiring love and understanding.

Grown woman well put together,
Working hard, filling with external pride,
 But really wanting to be known for what is on the inside.

The God who sees,
Discerning Jesus expressed in her. 
Looking at the woman she'll be, 
Uniquely, messy, funny, loved, simply as she.
He looks and knows, values and understands,
                                                             The expression of His son in her is as planned.
                                                              No need to dance or prance before others,
                                                             No need to envy or be jealous of another.
                                                             You are filled with the perfect blend of my 
                                                              love and joy,

                                                             I am the God who sees... El Roi.

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