Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Elusive joy

Elusive Joy

Moments of laughter captured like a photograph, but soon cataloged into  files and albums.

Relationships that make smiles come forth, easily overshadowed by hurts.

Memorable times of overflowing contentment, giving way to dissatisfaction.

Joy to be gathered daily but the heart deceives, leaving a wake of want in it's pursuits.

This elusive joy can be had, the asking price not much and yet so difficult to hold on to.

Daily to practice the habit of thanks
Daily to list a" 1,000 Gifts",
Daily the task to posture the heart to receive each breath.
Daily to take up the cross and die to self,
Daily to live fully in sync with the spirit.

Inspired by a friends post and Ann Voskamps book 1,000 Gifts

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