Sunday, August 30, 2015

Glimpses of the garden

Glimpses of the garden

Abandoned souls on street corners,
Trash heaps piled high,
Traffic jams, smog and Crime.

Where is God?
Some find him in the eagle souring high,
Or in the crashing shorelines,
Others in the mountains pristine.

I see God amidst His created beings.

Gaze over the rolling hills,
With Patchwork fields clothed in harvest ripe.

Look upon a well-loved flower garden,
With rainbow colors bursting forth.

Take in the picket fence in the horizon
Against the  sunset amber glowing.

Glance while Trekking on well worn paths
At majestic falls.

Wonder at the church steeple
Ensconced in Ivy reaching.

View the arbor draped with care
With grape vines full  with prize.

Wander over wooden bridges
Across babbling brook sublime.

Admire the simple cabin
Nestled in woods deep.

Man and God in Unity
Before the fall a harmony,
Now only glimpses of eternity.

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