Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holidays and gatherings

Holidays and gatherings,
Familiar spaces,
Routines that are ingrained.
The same old faces.
Sometimes adding something new,
But the thought of gathering making hearts race.
Assumptions already made
Long standing history the base.
Some memories good, the others stirring up pain.
But we each have opportunity to enter into a new phase.
Choose to see with new eyes,
To lovingly embrace
The ones who we are with.
Not looking back at disgrace
Not seeing what should’ve or could’ve been.
Rather follow the thread and trace
Where beauty and love has walked,
The lineage of grace.
Let this season of family time
Instead be from your mouth a song of praise.
Rejection, loneliness, hurt a thing of the past,
Letting the old be replaced,
Not faking joy but overflowing with the taste
That God is good and in this place.

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