Wednesday, November 18, 2015



Why are we so intent on separation?
Always wanting what we want,
Constantly seeking what we think is best
All which results in isolation.
Unforgiveness given full rights
The pain, the hurt, too much to bare
So we take it out on others in full indignation.
“I don’t need any one” is our stand!
I can be my own one man marching band,
Declaring openly our abdication.
“Those others have no clue,”
My peeps got it right!
Disunity moving into the situation.
When the enemy is on the prowl,
Divide and conquer is the easy task
All it takes is lies and accusations.
Us and them against them and those
“If only they would get some sense”.
Attitudes saying we are better off with segregation.
“I am more important than you”
“I know what I deserve”
I should be held in veneration.
The verbiage going on and on
That somehow our separateness is the answer
But listen well to this revelation
Father son and Holy Spirit,
3 in one.
They represent the full unification,
For the world and our nation.
The answer is we in him and him in us.
There is not much else to discuss.
This perfect love triangle
Is so much more than we can see
Started long before creation
This three in one manifestation.
This truth should be our celebration.
The thing we give our all to in dedication
To represent the unity,
The love of these three
Christ’s death given for restoration
The Holy Spirit left for affirmation
The Gift of Father God, love His proclamation.

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  1. I love the Trinity. I can not wait to go to the next Open Mic with you! i see you moving with this piece, declaring with this piece and living with this Peace!