Sunday, November 8, 2015


When Gods people believe He can…
Then women like Jennie dream
When God given dreams are enacted, then the spirit moves.
When the spirit moves, women like Erin call out to others to join in.
When the obedient join in, God becomes more real to others.
When God becomes more real to others, the spirit is invited into more spaces
When the spirit is invited into more spaces then love is manifested in the flesh.
 When the many who have been loved on begin to believe, then healing comes.
When healing comes the Father is glorified.
When the Father is glorified hope is renewed.

The “IF” movement is really the spirit on the move, awakening, beckoning, calling forth the “other half of the Church”. (Caroline Custis James). God’s love is real and  thankfully it is showing itself in the voices of Jennie Allen, Sarah Bessey, Ann Voskamp and so many more teacher /preacher sisters.  Locally, the spirit is moving women to gather for prayer and fight injustice in a church who ex- communicates the abused. It is moving in a woman who is battling Cancer who is stepping into her gift of teaching. It is moving in the voice of a woman counseling, teaching, and blogging for 365 days. It is in a mom who is finding freedom in the spirit. It is flowing in a widow grieving yet showing others the way.  It is moving in the women all around me. This movement has brought me a foster daughter and a slew of sisters who have rallied, prayed and help me love on a battered girl. They have brought new meaning to community.  It is no longer “If God” rather an anticipation of when God and His people…

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