Friday, November 13, 2015

The quiet Space

                                                                 The quiet space

Somewhere deep with in
There is a quiet space.
After all is said and done,
The spirit exhorting the case;
There is no need to hide or run.
A slow unveiling of this joy filled place.
All the gifts are good,
The sad, the dark, even the ones that leave a trace.
We try so hard to be understood,
That we block the very ability to taste
The blessings that surround.
Instead the facade of peace goes up in haste,
The busyness and pretense abound.
We fight invisible battles, forgetting grace.
If only we were to remember where true rest is found.
Surrendering the very things that we mistakenly embraced.
Repentance to the maker the sweetest sound.
Then our hearts tranquil would be with his love interlaced.
Eyes that see, hands open wide to receive a crown,
Not from works or battles faced
But entering into the quiet of the renown.
Thankful for everything, increasing faith.
Now to enter in the quiet space.

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