Tuesday, February 9, 2016

All Sinners invited

  All Sinners invited

 Hey come on out the party is on
Calling all who flunked and got it wrong
Some of ya’ll be liars, murderers and immoral in your hearts,
Some be so messed up, thick headed, think you all that, and so smart.
Well, all be welcome to this shin dig,
The Main Man he welcomes all his kids.
His motto the more the merrier,
Nothing you done should deter.
The invites been sent to all
This festivity is sure to enthrall.
 Only one requirement,
 To get to know the one who was sent.
He the dude that footed the bill
And all he wants from us is to accept his will
To love each other and receive his gift.
His body broken, a down payment, to take us off the waiting list.
We be invited in
Despite our nasty, stinking, miss the mark, sin.
Them’s that thinks they got it right
 Outside this party, they’ll be spending many a night!
So grab that invitation while you can,
Come and meet this Jesus, son of man.

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  1. Yo, yo, yo! This is so vernacular - love it and rocking on!