Sunday, February 14, 2016

Equal but not the same.

Men and women,

One yet distinctly two.
Equal but not the same.
Individual yet united.
Diverse but unified.
We who are one in Him
Are one and yet singularly accountable for our sin.
One not above the other,
The others’ worth neither to smother.
Male and female not to be an adversary,
But instead to be for each a sanctuary.
Needed the Validation of Voices,
Eyes opening to begin to make new choices.
Proclamations being made
 To stop the hurtful charade.
The time for the church in confession
To own up to the devaluation and oppression.
Women in Christ fully chosen
And In the garden perfectly woven.
Yet men too created from the same essence,
Fabricated and given life from the very heavens.
Together a unity that cannot be explained
Divided a place that creates shame.
Why do we let earthly pride
And religious tradition divide?
Our witness then in unity,
Bringing Christ to our community.
Christ in you and me
And us in Him.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! This will be our manifesto! Dale! I love that you go home and distill and use words with precision. Thank you!