Monday, February 1, 2016

Loving to Realness

Loving to Realness

The velveteen Rabbit so prettily stuffed
Lonely and saddened to be overlooked.
Stiffened by his outer trappings, wanting to impress
 Difficult to receive the girls’ attention and caress.
 Clueless how to get close,come alive and to feel,
But eventually her friendship to him did appeal.
The rubbing off of Velvet and bows,
Leaving poor bunny vulnerable and exposed.

Time shared together, laughter and meals,
 Soon His own heart the little girl did steal.
Tragedy struck separating the two,
Lost and bedraggled Rabbit at a loss as to what to do.
Left wanting more, wanting to become real,
The sprinkling of fairy dust and loving the source to heal.

Our own facade needing to be stripped
A process not hurried or to be skipped
Allowing love to seep and expose,
Being vulnerable, present and unclothed.
Our own exchanging with Jesus and others this love.
The Holy Spirit endowing from above
 The agony and ecstasy of a love so surreal

Loving us until we become real.

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  1. Love that He gave us an amazing example! His love was vulnerable in making us much to ponder.